Most Common FAQs

We know the process may seem daunting.  We’re here to help and answer any questions you have!  Feel free to call us anytime, or read the FAQs below to find your answers.

Am I eligible?

You are likely eligible.
 Due to government regulations, Medicare is NOT enough.

Who Can Be a Caregiver?

Where is this Available?

This program is available only in the state of New Jersey.

The person seeking care must have Medicaid to qualify for care.  Medicare alone will not qualify you for this program.

Your Choice Home Care LLC can help you get covered anywhere in the State of New Jersey.

Payment FAQs

The caregiver pay rate for Developmental Disabilities is $18 - $20 per hour and $27 - $30 per hour for overtime.

Caregivers providing home care to individuals with an acuity that requires BCBA or Nurse supervision pays up to $28 - $30 per hour and $42 - $45 per hour for overtime.

The number of hours you can work depends on:
  1. How many hour the customer is approved for and
  2. How many hours the individual receiving care wants you to work.

No, there is no required minimum number of hours to work.  However, it is important to keep in mind what the customer needs care wise.

Your Choice Home Care LLC pays our caregivers daily - guaranteed.  Please note, this is based on the caregiver submitting their hours properly.

Medicaid & Medicare

YES.  At this time, the program is only for Medicaid recipients.  If you think you may be eligible for Medicaid but do not currently have it, please call us and we can assist you further.

Medicaid is a state and federal program that helps low income people obtain the care they need.  This program is specific to people on Medicaid.

If you have Medicaid and you need regular help with daily activities such as shopping, cleaning, bathing, or grooming, there is a very good chance you are eligible to hire a loved one to assist with this care.

Yes!  As long as you have Medicaid in addition to Medicare, you can qualify for this program.

Caregiver FAQs

Hours are totally flexible and should be worked out with the customer based on their needs.  You will need to properly log all of your hours when you are providing care.

We have a special app for caregivers to easily log hours.  You can use your smart phone, tablet, or desktop - whichever you prefer!

Your Choice Home Care LLC is committed to ensuring you get paid correctly, and fast!  If there is an issue with your pay, just let us know and we will work with you to resolve it.

Typically, we encourage our customers to sign up two caregivers, this way in case something comes up their care is not compromised.

Yes!  When you are onboarding we will cover the options we offer for coverage.

No, only the customer who is receiving care must have Medicaid to be eligible.

What Activities Do Caregivers Do?

Many people who have developmental disabilities as well as the elderly require assistance in tasks like taking medication, cooking and eating, cleaning the house, and more. 

Caregivers (also known as Direct Support Professionals or DSPs) provide support for many aspects of life for people with developmental disabilities and seniors. They might…

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