How It Works: Developmental Disabilities

We Work With Adults With Disabilities &
Their Families To Provide Day to Day Care

We Work With Adults With Disabilities & Their Families To Provide Day to Day Care

We ensure our clients get the care they need while their loved ones get the best service with the highest possible pay.  

How to ensure your loved one with Developmental Disabilities gets the best care while insuring you make a living wage.

How to insure your loved one with Developmental Disabilities
gets the best care while insuring you make a living wage.

Determine If Your Loved One Qualifies for DDD

If your loved one has a developmental disability, lives in New Jersey, and has (or is eligible for) Medicaid, they likely qualify for this the DDD program.

Talk With Our Team About Your Options

Our goal is to ensure your loved one gets the care they need and their care giver get the best pay possible. Our team is always available to help and answer questions.

Complete Our Easy Onboarding Process

We know life can be stressful. That's why we handle all aspects of your onboarding process. From start to finish, our onboarding process will only take approximately three weeks!

We will make your fingerprint and drug screening appointment for you. Will will also provide in home one-on-one CPR training at no cost to you.

Get Paid To Care For Your Loved One

Once your onboarding is complete, you'll get paid to care for your loved one!

What Is DDD?

“DDD” stands for “The Division of Developmental Disabilities”, which is a government agency in the state of New Jersey. DDD “assures the opportunity for individuals with developmental disabilities to receive quality services and supports, participate meaningfully in their communities and exercise their right to make choices.” Essentially, the program helps adults with disabilities get the care they need  to help ensure they stay independent in their own homes.

DDD Care

Approved DDD Agency

Your Choice Home Care is an approved DDD agency.  This means we’ve met or exceeded all of the state requirements to help families get signed up for DDD to ensure their loved ones are cared for and they are compensated for their time.  As an approved agency, we help with:

• Federal and New Jersey State screening processes
• Fingerprinting
• Drug Screening
• Interview
• Training
• CPR and First Aid Certification
• Central Registry from Offenders of Verification
• Ongoing staff training
• Training on the latest changes from NJ DDD

Important DDD Dates

When an adult with disabilities in the state of New Jersey is graduating high school, a series of steps should be taken to help your loved one get the care they need.  The New Jersey Department of Human Services has created an easy-to-follow timeline for families to reference. Even in this format, it’s a lot of information. As you review it, please feel free to call, message, or text our team so we can answer any questions you have.

An adult with disabilities becomes eligible for the DDD program at 21. However, if your loved one is over the age of 21 we can still help you meet all of the required steps fast!  This will ensure your loved once gets they care they need while you or another loved on is paid $20+ an hour to provide care.

Ensure Your Loved One Gets The Care
They Need And Your Family Gets Paid!

You Get Quality Care & Your Family Gets Paid

Your Choice Home Care will walk you through all of the steps needed to ensure your loved one gets the care they need – and you, a family member, or a loved one is compensated to provide that care.

Developmental Disability Care

Loved Ones Provide Better Quality Care

There are several advantages of providing care for a loved one.  Complications are caught earlier due to better communication and your love one’s overall quality of life improves.  

We are 100% Committed To Assisting Adults With Developmental Disabilities And Their Families Get The Care And Pay They Need

Certified and Trusted

We are experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring only the best care is provided to our clients.

One-on-One Support

We know the process of getting paid to care for your loved one is confusing. We are here to support you at every step.

Easy to Use Tools

We've invested in easy-to-use tools that securely organize your information in one easy-to-access dashboard.

Appointment Assistance

Our team keeps everything organized for you and creates appointments for required steps like fingerprinting.

Always Available

We are available seven days a week to ensure you always get the support you need when you need it.

Highest Pay Rates

We offer the highest pay rates to care for your loved one to ensure you can provide the care they need.

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