How Much Does Your Choice Pay?

The caregiver pay rate for Developmental Disabilities is $18 – $20 per hour and $27 – $30 per hour for overtime.

Caregivers providing home care to individuals with an acuity that requires BCBA or Nurse supervision pays up to $30 per hour and up to $45 per hour for overtime.

The exact pay rate depends on the level of care needed.

As a caregiver, you get paid instantly!

The patient's Medicaid number will be required to check your exact rate.

Who Is Eligible to Provide Care in NJ?

Proving quality care for a loved one is a big responsibility and commitment, but can have major impacts on the quality of life.  To be eligible to provide care for a loved one in New Jersey, the following conditions must be met:

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Who Is Eligile to Provide Care in NJ?

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Our team are experts in signing up customers and caregivers for New Jersey’s plan via Medicaid.  We are always here to help and will guide you on your journey to proving care for a loved one.  If you have questions, just give us a call!

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